Sarah Jenna

Sarah Jenna

Cofounder & CEO, MIMS

IA 101

How AI in Genomics will help professionals make the right treatment based on patient’s gens.


Sarah Jenna, CEO: Sarah Jenna is the co-founder and CEO of My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) and also associate professor specialized in genomics and genetics at the department of biochemistry at UQÀM (unpaid leave from the university). Over the past 20 years, she received her PhD in Cell Biology, Structural Biology and Microbiology from Aix-Marseille University in France, she completed her postdoctoral training in cell signaling at McGill University and was also platform manager at the Montréal Proteomic Network. In 2006, because of her dual expertise in cellular and genomic signaling, she was awarded a NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Junior Canada Research Chair in Integrative Genomics and Cell Signaling at UQAM (, she co-founded and was former director of Pharmaqam (, a university research center focusing on drug development. She is, still a member of the targets steering committee of the "Réseau Québécois de Recherche sur la Médecine" (RQRM, As a Principal investigator at UQAM, she directed a research laboratory developing new integrative genomics strategies to better understand the functional interactions between genes in model organisms and human in the context of breast cancer. As co-founder and CEO of MIMs, she translates this expertise to provide MIMs clients with cutting edge integrative genomics strategies while paying particular attention to the specific needs of life scientists working in BioPharma, Agritech and research institutes.